Southern Fried Queer Pride Atlanta

Southern Fried Queer Pride Atlanta began as a standalone festival created out of dissatisfaction with local Pride festivals, as well as a frustration with spaces for queer and trans folks - the lack of of uplifting people of color, trans folks, and community folks. Established in June of 2015, SFQP Atlanta has grown into a 5 day festival celebrating both local and regional art, activism, and communities. It is the centerpiece of SFQP's annual programming. 


Southern Fried Queer Pride Durham

SFQP Durham was born out of solidarity and support. Durham has been a hotbed for radical energy and a hub for queer community. Over the years, a bond between Atlanta and Durham grew naturally and in 2017, SFQP's first satellite festival in Durham was established. The festival spotlighted the amazing artists, community organizers, and organizations in the Triangle and beyond.