SFQP organizes at the intersection of arts and community organizing. All of our events are created for and by the community in ways that stay true to our grassroots vision. From workshops and skillshares, to full-fledge stage productions and community discussions, our programming reflects the diverse needs and wants of our community. We organize mainly in the three capacities below.



SFQP began as a standalone festival in Atlanta that grew and developed into monthly events and programming. Our festival is our centerpiece event that is a gathering of Southern queer artists, activists, community folk, and more!

Our current annual festivals:

  • Southern Fried Queer Pride Atlanta, which takes place in late June in Atlanta, GA. This is our base festival, serving as a celebration of regional Southern queer artists and more.
  • Southern Fried Queer Pride Durham, which takes place in mid October in Durham, North Carolina. This festival uplifts the vibrant local queer communities of North Carolina.
Photo of our 2017 gallery exhibition, Digital Queerness, held at Eyedrum Gallery in Downtown, Atlanta.

Photo of our 2017 gallery exhibition, Digital Queerness, held at Eyedrum Gallery in Downtown, Atlanta.



SFQP believes the arts are a way to empower and enrich our Southern communities by giving platforms for our experiences, our crafts, and our voices. SFQP invests in and supplies local and regional artists with resources and training to be able to create the artistic spaces they see fit.

Our regular artistic events include:

  • CLUTCH, a seasonal music and art showcase spotlighting QTPoC.
  • Weavestock, a annual stage production centering Black and Brown drag performers - their history, their range, and they're art.


These events are our community discussion series that often center around difficult conversations. We believe that open forum dialogues often lead to the most enlightenment and education.

Past SFF topics have included:

  • Intimate partner violence.
  • Racism in the queer community.
  • Black queer resilience and community investment.
  • LGBTQIQAP2+ radical history. 
  • Queer Threads, our seasonal pop-up thrift shop.

SFQP HOW TO (Coming in 2018)

In an effort to better equip our communities with the artistic skills are know-how that many desire but are unable to afford access, we're establishing our How To series. These workshops and skillshares will be open to the public, free or at suggested donation level, and will enrich our base with the building blocks of creative endeavors.

Our How To series will feature:

  • How to sew/knit/crochet
  • Beginner courses in Adobe software programs
  • Pottery
  • How to make zines and DIY ephemeral media
  • Intro to music production
  • How to write proper artist statements and proposals